Bryant White

The Culture of Accountability

Bryant co-founded Fox Pest Control in 2012 with Mike Romney and worked to start and grow their first offices in Connecticut, Texas, and Virginia. Since its inception, Fox Pest Control has grown to 30 office locations across 15 different states. Under Mike and Bryant’s leadership, Fox Pest Control has become an Industry rising star as they have climbed to 15th place on PCT's Top 100 and an INC 500 recognized company that services over 170,000 customers and employs over 800 team members.

In 2006, Bryant was introduced to the Pest Control Industry and worked as a sales representative for Eclipse Marketing and Orkin Exterminating. In his time on the doors Bryant garnered close to two and a half million dollars in revenue before transitioning his career focus to leadership and entrepreneurship. Bryant has an innate ability to connect with people quickly and has always believed that relationships are most important. Bryant has a passion for helping others to grow and reach their potential as leaders and becoming a greater influence for good in the world.

Bryant received his bachelor’s degree in Biological Engineering from Utah State University and has served in various leadership and volunteer positions in his community and church. Above all, Bryant’s greatest joy and fulfillment is rooted in his faith, his companion Danielle, and their 6 children.

Fostering a culture of ownership and accountability is absolutely essential in growing and scaling a successful business. The end result is employees that are just as passionate about your company and deeply committed to its success as you are. But, how do you build an ownership-focused team? In this session, learn how to develop a team of people that continuously take accountability and ownership in their roles no matter their position — and see how this culture can transform not only the way you do business but how it can impact your bottom line.

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