Taylor Olson

If You’re Not First, You’re Last

Co-founder and CEO of Slingshot Taylor Olson is a Mormon missionary-turned- successful entrepreneur. He started out selling bug-busting services door-to-door and now runs a company that answers pest control calls around the clock. Olson got his first job in the pest control industry at 19 after his cousin got a job and told him that he could expect to make $10,000 in four months. That year, Taylor went on a mission and came back with accelerated people skills and the knowledge of how to build rapport.

After starting several companies in his 20s, including a kind of Airbnb for parking spaces and a StubHub for digital coupons. While in law school at UCLA, he started Slingshot to represent pest control companies at any hour, using phone, text,
or webchat. Slingshot has become a successful company boasting $3.4 million dollars in annual profits.

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