What You Can Expect

Part of the Coalmarch mission is to provide thought leadership in the pest and lawn industries. With a variety of sessions focusing on sales and leadership, we strive to deliver insight from the top leaders in the industry. Learn more about our sessions and our speakers below! 

At Beyond Service, you will not only have access to Coalmarch's CO2 conference track, but also be able to attend a wide range of other sessions by WorkWave and RealGreen! Checkout their speaker sessions:

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09 Jan 2022 / Day 1

Title Time Room Description Speaker
Welcome Reception 07:00 - 09:30 Oceans Foyer



Welcome to the new Beyond Service conference. A conference bringing together the best in the industry. Come to the opening reception for drinks and appetizers.



10 Jan 2022 / Day 2

Title Time Room Description Speaker
Breakfast 07:30 - 09:00 Oceans Foyer
Welcome Keynote & Panel 09:30 - 11:00 Oceans Ballroom

It’s a new year, a new company and a new conference. WorkWave Chief Executive Officer David F. Giannetto will kick off this year’s event with a look at what’s on the horizon for the WorkWave family and how we – and our valued customers -- are poised to take off for even greater success in 2022.

Following the opening remarks will be a panel consisting of key members across WorkWave and the companies we have recently acquired to discuss what it means to be part of the WorkWave family, what are some of the greatest benefits to our customers as a result of these acquisitions, and why we as a collective are so excited for what's to come moving forward. 

Panelists: David F. Giannetto, Tim Robinson, Donnie Shelton, Joseph Kucik, Taylor Olson, John Lieferman

Leveraging Marketing, Sales, and Technology to Get to the Next Level 11:15 - 12:15 Crystal A & B

Donnie Shelton is going to kick off Coalmarch’s speaker track with a welcome session where you can learn all about what’s happening in the digital world, Coalmarch’s vision for the future, and how to grow and scale your business going forward to bring it to the next level.

Donnie Shelton
CEO, Coalmarch by WorkWave
Lunch 12:30 - 01:30 Oceans Foyer
Supercharge Your Lawn Sales Engine With Digital Marketing 01:45 - 02:45 Crystal E

Learn how Coalmarch and RealGreen digital have come together to create the ultimate sales engine for your lawn care business. Get an exclusive look at the packages developed to supercharge your digital marketing efforts.

Donnie Shelton
CEO, Coalmarch by WorkWave
Developing Star Sales People 01:45 - 02:45 Crystal A & B

Developing a strong sales team doesn’t just happen overnight. It requires time, thought, and strategy to create star salespeople. Learn how to develop a strong sales team through the implementation of strategic processes and getting the right people in the right seats to make the biggest impact.

Patrick Quigley
Pest Control Industry Sales Consultant, Sales Training by Design
How to Maintain a Strong Culture 03:00 - 04:00 Crystal A & B

When your employees are excited and engaged in their work, not only does it create a better working environment but also can have a direct impact on your bottom line. Employees who take pride in their work and their company offer higher quality production, better customer service, and more employee referrals to help your company grow.

Join us at this session to gain insight into how to maintain a strong company culture as your business grows and how to instill your values throughout your entire company.

Sharon Roebuck
COO, Eastside Exterminators
Branding Your Pest Control Company For Success 04:15 - 05:15 Crystal A & B

Many companies aspire to build reputable brands but how do you get there? The value of your pest control company is tied directly to the strength of your brand in your market and with your customers. In this session, we’ll walk through the steps to building a world class brand and branding your pest control company for success.

Mike St. Jacques
Enterprise Marketing Services, WorkWave
Tailgate Party 07:00 - 10:30 Pool Side Lawn

Come cheer on your favorite team at this year's tailgate party, where we will watch the 2022 College Football Playoff National Championship game, enjoy some game time snacks, and play some cornhole!

11 Jan 2022 / Day 3

Title Time Room Description Speaker
Breakfast 07:30 - 09:00 Oceans Foyer
Joe Theismann Keynote Speaker 09:30 - 10:30 Oceans Ballroom

Joe Theismann is widely recognized as the most successful quarterback in the history of the Washington Redskins. He is currently a world-class entrepreneur, well known for his long-standing community service efforts for St. Jude Children’s Hospital. He understands that teamwork is a necessary element to achieve success and that good management and effective leadership is not a game of follow the leader: it’s about recognizing the potential that lies within PEOPLE— listening to them, trusting them, and motivating them — as individuals and as members of a team.

In his keynote speech, Theismann will share how passion, leadership and teamwork combine to create a comprehensive game plan for success and how an effective leader empowers individuals to step out of their comfort zone to achieve a higher level of performance.

Joe Theismann
World Champion Quarterback. Entrepreneur. Author. Football Legend.
Managing an Inside Sales Team 11:15 - 12:15 Crystal A & B

Join us in this session and learn various tips and tricks to managing a strong inside sales team, what strategies and processes to implement, and what metrics you should use to measure success.

Laura Corbin
President, Spencer Pest Services
Lunch 12:30 - 01:30 Oceans Foyer
Data-Driven Decision-Making 01:45 - 02:45 Crystal A & B

In today’s competitive market revenue, profit, and enterprise value maximization require interpretation of robust data. In this session, we will develop a data-driven decision process that will allow participants to interpret, summarize, and communicate trends and turn them into actionable steps toward revenue and profit expansion leading to maximum company valuation.

Dan Gordon
Managing Partner, PCO Bookkeepers
Marketing Strategies for your Revenue Milestones 02:45 - 03:45 Crystal E

Join us in this session to learn about the valuable marketing tactics that can be leveraged at key company growth milestones to help your business grow.

Frank Andolina
COO, Coalmarch by WorkWave
The Culture of Accountability 03:00 - 04:00 Crystal A & B

Fostering a culture of ownership and accountability is absolutely essential in growing and scaling a successful business. The end result is employees that are just as passionate about your company and deeply committed to its success as you are. But, how do you build an ownership-focused team? 

In this session, learn how to develop a team of people that continuously take accountability and ownership in their roles no matter their position — and see how this culture can transform not only the way you do business but how it can impact your bottom line.

Bryant White
Co-Founder, Fox Pest Control
PMP Industry Insiders Q&A Panel 04:15 - 05:15 Crystal A & B

Join PMP Industry Insiders Podcast co-hosts, Dan Gordon and Donnie Shelton, for a Q&A panel. Dan and Donnie will wrap up Day 2 of the conference by discussing their key takeaways so far. They will also be answering your questions on business best practices and the digital marketing landscape in the pest control and lawn care industries. Come with your pressing questions and get answers!

Donnie Shelton
CEO, Coalmarch by WorkWave
Sponsor Expo & Awards Reception 06:30 - 08:30 Oceans Ballroom

Join us for a night of fun with our sponsors as we recognize our top customers in the industry.

12 Jan 2022 / Day 4

Title Time Room Description Speaker
Breakfast 07:30 - 09:00 Oceans Foyer
Morning Break-Outs 09:15 - 01:30

We encourage you to visit some of WorkWave and RealGreen's sessions during this time.

Conference Ends 01:30